Alas, life after running Aghyar – Bmandym partner and the des In the guide, no way you did me the green tent. In my high school, who _ you _ are the manager of a possible link with the world. The geography books talk of “competent cure rates” and “Razavi,” and not your home! In the course of history, nostalgia and loneliness and the absence of anyone I know you did! In religious studies, we did not say “rest of God” and “Diane Dean” (Guardian religion) you

are! Hesitate in literature classes, practice compassion Jerusalem realm you would not listen! Alas, in the course of painting the picture Nkshydnd Zhvrt beautiful evening! And on-line classes to write you a letter aa Persian month Mehr was shaved! Why our composition rather than “science is better or wealth,” and the appearance of your way to please you and your satisfaction _ GOD _ that was not? No you’re not, not good science and not the wealth! I wish the foreign language, language speaks for you _ the most familiar and the most ancient human Ftrthay Mons is a clean institution _ to learn! The Chemical Alarm When we speak of electrons spinning around the nucleus there was a sufficient cue to understand the universe around there you are! I wish with all kinds of complicated mathematical formulas, physics and chemistry, the simple formula I learned to communicate with you! Physics, the laws of refraction of light to teach me, but I did “God’s Light” will turn you into the world.their children will lag behind and pathetic than those who thirst for knowledge of the Imam, killed in a sea of ​​ignorance go down! My Lord! The person you spoke to me in the University and the flag by your name and you did not invite Nyafrasht! Performance of Islamic studies and Islamic history, deficits would average student! Not in religious propaganda, not in cultural meetings, nor prayer, nor pilgrimage safari camps and tournaments you are Koranic not news. You share in the same areas as you did and you were poor and oppressed and forgotten, even among the Shiites! What dastardly enemies, and they learn from you! After graduation and a concern for the sustenance of life, an opportunity to think about the day that you left me! The day was fine, and my thanks to you, including as regards the direction of the trends and know how Mqdst took root in the veins and the skin got that night and day it! Now, in the depths of your mind, you’ve found the heart Chndyst seen that you’ve found! Diabetes disease and having fun when you’re happy! And there is a real God turns away from me. With all his heart to feel the warmth of your presence and the position of believing you’re the reason I believe is stronger. As if I’ve been born again. Life without a father, an Imam, and stroke is Dead! Thanks for the blessings I have the right to his forehead and whispered literature on soil Bsaym I thank God because He’s merciful Father has bestowed on us to brainstorm Shyyansh he has enough stable. Amen, O Lord of the worlds.tination of the funds did not come from the trading floor went Nnmvdym – except regret and heartache a Nkhrydym commodity chains you to the hearts of lovers – Shaha suffered much cruelty in the desert! From poor valley on Mgrdan – over a hundred species have Drg·ht Amydym’s a yes! All Assembly, Councils, our meeting is hunky-dory in the hope of meeting a smile on the face of Emami’s the promised time and hope all stress points, ie, the odd lonely away from home, away from the eyes of their people still innocent blood invocation Hazrat Sayyed Al-Shohada still boils. Yes, it’s better than Imam lives in my neighborhood and yours! Who should come to the rescue! My Lord! I wish I had called the Mahdi. I loved the beginning, my love, prayers were whispered in my ear! I wish you health and comfort of the vow I had to ring the ears will throw off your slave! Kamm wish I had called you a name renowned amulet you would accompany me. M. John! I loved the language with your name. I wish it opened earlier language, relatives telling me, “or Mahdi” had to make! I wish you were familiar nursery baby nursery! I wish in the first grade, my teacher spelling alphabet you will love your beautiful and inspiring book called homework would be.